The Two Sides To Climate

This blog post we will examine the two sides to climate better known as the warming cycle and cooling cycle.

The two sides to Climate


Climate has two sides to it, warm periods and cold periods, however for this section, I want to emphasis how politics has also made this two sides, the left side wants to get their agenda across by using human induced CO2 as the cause for the earth to be warming, but they don’t want to have science input into this, they just want their agenda to make it through without any roadblocks. 

While, the right side is no better, they also don’t want science input for their agenda, they want to just believe that human induced CO2

is not the reason for climate change, but as a Scientist I believe both sides are wrong, they both should be using a combination of left side science and right side science and looking at what scientist from both sides have to say, if they would do that, I believe we could have some very good long range  models, such as one that I have been working on for the past three years and now have it predicting weather trends out to one year and over time even longer ranges, I hope. But, both sides just want to take bits and pieces of science so that it fits their agenda. 

If each side would listen to each other and stop trying to make this about money and greed, they would be able to better understand why the

earth is actually going through a cooling period right now, but they just want to keep preaching that the earth is the warmest it has been sine satellite data is available, but why don’t they look back at other warming periods on earth and see how this compares, maybe they could understand that CO2 was not the reason for it.

  So if we now look at the science side of climate we can see the earth has went through warming periods and cooling periods before and will continue to do so, just like now we are in a cooling period, however it will be short lived, because the overall status of the earth is favoring a long term warming period, hence that we are leaving a glaciation period and entering a warming period, but if you look at past climate you can see that it happened before and will continue for as long as planet earth spins.

The point I make here is that Climate is Science, not politics and should be left that way and this would allow scientist to better work together to find long term resolutions on what is actually happening on planet earth and not be financially influenced.

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