Climate Weather Patterns "the 60 Year Thought"

This posting we will take a look at why I think a 60yr evaluation of climate cycles could help us understand much more about the climate.

The 60 year thought


            The sixty year thought, this is something that I hold to my thought process of working with climate, to better understand my thought process with this let’s examine a few things, first I want to look back at the 1970’s, before my times, however my older family members and news agencies note a very cool time on earth with a lot of snow and longer winters along with cooler summers, some news agencies even thought we were heading into a Little Ice Age.

Ok so after finding all of that and better understanding that, I came up

with a solution that we were looking at the colder part of the climate cycle, then in the early 2000’s, we were blasted from every point of direction on the face of earth that the earth is dying and the globe is warming at rapid levels, so I thought to myself ok just in the 70’s it was cooler and now in the 2000’s its warmer interesting.

 So I further took the idea after I started to see something’s line up again like they were in the 70’s and thought to myself would the 20-30’s be cooler again. So that is one reason I am looking at the 60 year thought its taking sixty years to run one complete climate cycle, giving you a chance to see both a warming and cooling period of the cycle.

            But another thing to note as well,

I will talk more about this in a later part of the book as well, but if the earth is leaving an Ice Age, then shouldn’t it be warming up as well, because last time I checked the opposite of cold was warm, if you look at documented history you can see the earth did have ice ages before as well, I grew up by Big Stone Lake in Northeast South Dakota, this lake was created by a glacier during the last ice age.

            So now ask yourself, the earth is warming and it’s not warming as fast as it was in the early 2000’s during the strong solar max portion of the cycle, but human induced CO2 is supposed to cause the temperatures to rise of the chart, then why have we now been seeing a slowdown in the temperature rise, even as the human induced CO2 is still rising, that led me to a thought process that something else was driving our earth’s temps, not the political CO2 game.


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