The Big 5 Climate Questions That Should Be Asked.

As a Degreed Meteorologist for over 17yrs now, I have always wanted to ask these five questions, so here is the inside to my five questions.

The Big 5 Questions


Questions that need to be answered


            The first question that should be asked of anyone that wants to blame Human Induced CO2 as the culprit for the rising temperatures that hence have stopped over the past decade or so due to natural causes, but that is another topic. The question be why has the Human induced CO2 continued to rise, however the earth’s temperatures are and have been dropping, when the correlation was that the temps would rise in uniform with the rising CO2, why is that taking place? Then offer them a piece of wisdom and

ask them have they checked out the natural causes lately, something they should be well aware of if there a true climate scientist.


            The second question, how can you say the earth is at its warmest time ever, when there were no thermometers to measure the earth’s temperature back in previous warming phases of the earth, oh did I say that right previous warming phases on the earth? Then offer them a piece of wisdom and ask them what about those climate cycles how do they work.


            Thirdly, ask the question, what made the earth go through past warming periods and cooling periods even before the arrival of human induced CO2, could it have possibly been the sun and natural causes lining up? Then offer them a piece of wisdom, did you maybe think that because the earth warmed and cooled before that it could possibly be natural causes doing this since its always been taking place and the earth’s human induced CO2 has not been around that long, but last we checked these cycles have been around since day one of earth.

The fourth question to ask, how do you predict that human induced CO2 can cause the earth’s temperatures to warm, when since you released the data it has shown other in real time situations? Maybe you can offer them a piece of wisdom and let them know that because they are using computer models to determine that it’s taking place, that the computer models can and will have errors, or even maybe ask them how much data set they are putting into the computer models, ask them if they are using real time data from past Ice Ages and Warming periods, but if they say that data is not around then refer them back to question number two.



                The last question, to ask them is well are you

really using all the data available to you when making these claims about human induced CO2 or are you using just the data that fits your agenda, also known as cherry picking the data to be used.  Offer them some input on maybe having them use more data from longer periods of the earth’s climate, not just comparing thirty years, that happen to be taking place during a warming phase of the earth, have them input the CO2  data into a cold cycle we had as well.


                So as you can see this book was published with the intent on sharing with you the reader that climate is Science and should not be altered to fit people’s agenda. If you want to learn about the climate then learn about the climate, don’t turn it into an agenda fitting ideology.



*A bonus question that can be asked, why in 2014 when we look at global temperature data released by the agencies, three things stick out. First, why can they claim the earth is warming at a rapid rate, when the majority of the Antarctic shows up on the map as missing data, how to you determine the earth is warming if the data is not even there. Secondly, why do I see all of these blue spots dotting so many places on the earth, don’t that mean the earth is cooling in these spots. Lastly, what would it feel like if we said this phrase right here “Climate change will cause parts of the earth to warm, while other parts of the earth will cool, due to natural causes”. I really like that saying how about you?

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